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Leadership and Management

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Leadership and Management provides the students with the necessary tools and techniques to lead and manage individuals, groups and public health organizations, in order to provide effeciency and effectiveness of the organization and staff, while promoting and mainining the the wellbeing of the organization and the taget population. This requires the ability to identify, recruit and utilise various skills talents and resourses necessary to achieve this.

This course is all about “Doing the Right Things Right”. It gives an overview of different techniques for decision making, leadership and management. Leadership, management and decision making are essential to working as a public health professional. They form the critical link between theory and practice and thus ensures implementation of the right approaches and interventions with the maximum of impact on the wellbeing of the population or groups of patients.

Leadership is particularly relevant for health policies and health management because it provides rational solutions and alternatives for problems and issues that affect large groups of people, and populations as well as providing the understanding human needs and motivation.

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