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Occupational Health & Safety for Healthcare Workers


About This Course

Healthcare workers (HCW) constantly face numerous safety and health hazards including but not limited to physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psychological hazards. When compared to other industries, nonfatal occupational injury and illness are notably higher among healthcare workers. During epidemics, HCW workers face increased exposures which significantly increases the risk of acquiring an occupational illness and negatively affecting healthcare delivery. Throughout this course, we will explore foundational principles of occupational health and safety in healthcare facilities and review key factors that affect the health of personnel. This course is comprised of six modules:

    1. Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety
    2. Recognizing Occupational Disease
    3. Taking an Occupational History
    4. Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19
    5. Mental Health and Wellbeing of Healthcare workers in Epidemics/Pandemics
    6. Gendered Dimensions in the Workplace during Epidemics