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MPH Capstone Seminar (Master Course)

About This Course

The Capstone course as a practical seminar to assist students to work through systematic steps in preparation of their Capstone Paper. The seminar covers topics in a planned sequence, such as selecting a topic, reviewing the literature, selecting data sources, selecting methods analysis, preparing a proposal, and writing stepwise drafts. The Capstone Paper demonstrates mastery of selected concepts of public health by integrating the core functions of public health within a comprehensive research paper. Students determine the topic of the paper and work according to the schedule of the Capstone Seminar to show understanding and mastery through the application of public health concepts to chosen research questions. Finished papers are presented orally in a seminar setting and kept in the department as reference documents; they may also be submitted for publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start and end?

Student will be enrolled in this course during the first term of their public health program and will complete the course before graduation. This course has deliverables at different times throughout the student's MPH graduate program.

How is the course graded?

The student will be graded on a combination of a Research Concept (5%), Research Proposal (15%), Capstone Draft (10%), Final Capstone Paper (40%), Oral Presentation (25%), and an Advisor Assessment (5%).

What materials are required?

There are no course-specific books or materials you need to acquire in advance. You may, of course, need to acquire materials pertaining to your chosen topic.

When can I access my course?

You will be enrolled in this course during your first term of the public health program. If you are not enrolled and believe you should be, please e-mail Shantel Peters at

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